[FWDLK] Hyroplaning
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[FWDLK] Hyroplaning

Hi all,
    Cruise control...   not to be mis-construed with driver control!   I am one of the people out there on the road that uses "cruise control" on a regular basis.  The first vehicle I had with cruise control, was a 79 Thunderbird, rear wheel drive V8.  The first negative experience I had with cruise, came when I was driving on roads with icy and snow covered patches.   I was going up a hill, probably day dreaming, when the cruise called for "more power' just as I came onto an icy spot...that is when the fun started...fishtailing, sliding and finally gaining control.  I learned that day not to use cruise on bad roads, and to pay more attention to road conditions.
    My father-in-law, while living in FL, took his 93 Concorde into a swampy median on I-95 to visit the gators, after he lost it on FL's famous slick roads made from sea shells!  He said he does not use cruise on rainy days anymore! 
    All it takes is a split second to lose control if hydroplaning or any loss of traction does happen, and cruise does not react in any way other than to either back off the throttle, or increase throttle until the driver either hits the brakes, the off button or the cancel button.  
    In any case, I will beg those who haven't figured out how to use cruise, or are afraid to use it, to "GET YOUR @#$^#&  CARCASS out of my way, because I am on cruise and coming through! 
    John in Snowy, cold, windy WI  
PS:  A not so fun day...twisted the pinion shaft off the front pumpkin of my 2000 Ram while plowing snow this AM... @$#&%$^$&  WINTER! 

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