[FWDLK] RM Auction
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[FWDLK] RM Auction


I just received my Old Cars weekly and saw the results for the RM Auction which was held in Phoenix, AZ on Jan. 17.  There was a '56 Fury and 6 of 7years of the Exner Finned 300's.  They all went for a bunch of $$$.

'56 Fury #2 HTP            $33,000.     
'55 C300 #2  HTP      $28,000                        
'57 300C #2   CVT     $67,000
'58 300D #2   CVT          $65,000
'59 300E #2  CVT           $46,500
'60 300F #2 CVT $65,000
'61 300G #2 CVT           $64,000

It says a lot about our Golden Furys.  33K for the '56 is super.  The 300's have been going for pretty big bucks for a few years.  Plus they were all # 2 cars. 
John Paxos

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