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So today I was putting in a new electric vane-type fuel pump for my 313
poly, and there was all that aftermarket 70's A/C crap in the way...... and
I suddenly just had to RIP it all out.  Everything looks just SO-O-O much
better now.  But then I thought...... you know, the underdash unit has such
a great blower on it, and I could just plug those hoses from my A/C system
into the heater system in about 10 minutes, and it's all designed to take
high  pressure hot-gases-then-cold-liquid, why not lower pressure hot
liquids?   So that's my question:  why not just put hot water through that
system and turn it into a secondary heater, which is much more important
than A/C to me any average year in Oregon? Would I get the flow rate I
need?  ............ Boy, I think I might be sorry I asked this!  Bob in
Lebanon Oregon, where it's been blowing a gale all day.

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