[FWDLK] A/C to Heater
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[FWDLK] A/C to Heater

Thamks Dave and Zach.   It sounds like "Thunderbirds are Go!" for the
experiment, although I sense a little skepticism.  We're moving from Oregon
to central Alberta before too long, and 20 below is when the locals strip
down to their t-shirts and say to one another "Downright balmy,
ey?".............. so how's about my next plan:  taking hoses inside the
car from my windshield washer system, and fitting really fine nozzles to
add a mister/cooler to inside the car.  Just haven't figured out how to get
a second set of wipers fitted to the inside yet.
Bob in Oregon, where it's sunny and dry....... ten thousand feet up, above
the clouds, no doubt.

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