[FWDLK] Rear axle locking up in forward motion
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[FWDLK] Rear axle locking up in forward motion

Hi everyone,

I'm at a critical point in my restoration process, having lifted the body
off the frame. Since I am able to move the chassis around, I realized I had
a small problem : I am able to move freely the chassis backward but when I
try to move it forward, the rear wheels move a few inches and then lock up.
I first thought it was due to a frozen brake but I saw that at same moment
the wheels lock up, the drive pinion flange move forward a little bit (the
driveshaft is off). Having seen that, I tried to move the chassis forward
while pushing on the drive pinion flange to keep it against the carrier and
it does the trick. Now, I want to cure this problem before I continue my
restoration process, but I don't want to disassemble the whole rear axle if
it's not really necessary.

Anybody has a clue ?

Vincent Van Humbeeck (France, 120 miles north of Paris)
'58 Plymouth Belvedere Sport Coupe

PS : I saw an old french cult movie last night ("Les barbouzes" from 1964)
and was stunned to see they blew up a nice looking '55 Chrysler convertible
in it ...

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