[FWDLK] '59 DeSoto exhaust manifold.
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[FWDLK] '59 DeSoto exhaust manifold.

Gents....my friend has a '59 Fireflite Sportsman 2 dr h/t with a 383 with one 4 bbl. Stamped on the boss is HL383. Looks like the 361 was the standard motor from literature I have, and it got a 383.
The R/H exhaust manifold has been welded so much it's cracked yet again and is a writeoff. Numbers are ground off, looks like it could have been 1946969.....looking at the '59 parts book, that is. L/H manifold on the car is 1739600, so that ties in.
My question is.....what else will fit, and have the same generator casting?
I'm guessing not much, as '61 was all alternators.
Am I correct in thinking that only the R/H manifold from any big block  MoPar from '59 or '60 ( excluding the different one that the 300F had and that of the '59 Adventurer )  will fit?
And......does anybody have one that they would be willing to part with ( uncracked would be best!).  These are very hard to find down here......
       Thanks in advance...........
                       Dave in New Zealand.

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