[FWDLK] '57 Savoy info
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[FWDLK] '57 Savoy info

Well, gang, since the only ever car I've restored is my Fury, and in '57 they didn't have a trim plate, I don't know what all the codes mean on my '57 Savoy's trim plate and could use some help decoding it.  Any info you can provide would be helpful.  I assume the P312 code means Savoy V8, but that's just an assumption.  Here's what the trim plate reads:
SG   EW   M1   M2   M3   M4   M5   M6   M7   M8   M9
                         1                     1                      5057
SCHED        NO   MODEL      BT      PT    TR    SP
  1109        3237    P312        6852   ACA   311
                      CHRYSLER CORPORATION
I'm especially curious about the numbers under the M2, M5, M8 and M9 fields.  But really, I don't have concrete info on any of the numbers, so please help!  Thanks,
Mark   mjh

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