[FWDLK] Seat Belts and windbags
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[FWDLK] Seat Belts and windbags

I have fitted or factory seat belts in every car I've driven since my first
'58 Impala, and I use them ALWAYS. Only once did they prevent serious
injury, since only once was I invilved in a serious collision.  Then, the
seat and shoulder harness kept me in a position to maintain a minumum of
steering wheel and brake control while carreening across the highway and up
onto a raised median.  But at all other times, the seat belt keeps me
psitioned in front of the wheel, and not sliding around in the seat.  Most
cars of mine, (I can't afford the expensive ones with the really supportive
seats) allow me to slide on several occasions if it weren't for the belts,
and because of that, I have been able to avoid many situations that may have
been accidents if I were holding on to the wheel for support instead of
control.  In one case, I got careless coming down a mountain pass (Cumbres,
in the Northern New Mexico Rockies) in my Mazda Pick-up, and started a
slide, off the road to the left and the drop-off.  I was only able to
maintain steering and braking control because I was buckled in securely.
After three violent fish-tails, the truck slowed enough to catch my breath.
It was the seatbelt use that saved my hide in both cases.  Not only would an
Airbag not have done anything to help either time, but Airbags are one of
the only things that are installed in a vehicle by Government Mandate that
will likely cause serious injury if they work properly, and will work
effectively only when used in conjunction with seat belts.  If you are
conscious enough when driving to be aware of what you are doing, the Airbag
will serve no useful purpose,  Quite the contrary, the Airbag actually
causes a false sense of sercurity and invunerability in those stupid drivers
who begin to think that the car will protect them no matter what dumb thing
that they do, or will make them safe enough that they no longer need to pay
attention while driving.

Airbags are a harmful and dangerous intrusion into safe driving.

Other than that, I have no strong feelings on this subject..............

Mike Higgins
1955 Belvedere Sport Coupe, with lap belts fitted.

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