[FWDLK] 59 Belvedere Convertible - got it out
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[FWDLK] 59 Belvedere Convertible - got it out

We got it out in one piece and I threw it at eBay to see if it would

Of course, it no longer has a trunk pan, gas tank, rocker panels, one spring
is broken and the other side the frame rail is rotted and the spring is up
through the trunk...but I've seen way worse.  Most of that stuff came off
pulling it out of where it's sat for a good 30 years.  I think this is a
fixable car, although it would probably take cutting up a less desirable car
to make it happen (a 59 Savoy 2dr post 6cyl 3spd in good shape that no one
would miss has to be out there somewhere).

Does Black Car or anyone else make the patch panels for the rockers and
quarters on a '59 Plymouth like mine?

Interestingly the VIN decodes to a car built in California:


Bill K.

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