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Just want to add my thanks to Ron and Wendy and Dave and Julie for all their
hard work. It was a great event and a good time for all made all the better
by dedicated people like you. Nice meeting and talking with everyone and
seeing the tremendous turnout of Forwardlook cars! what a difference from
just a few years ago! Dick (Fintastic 57).
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Sent: Monday, July 12, 2004 9:54 AM

> Got home from Carlisle late last night,anyone who didn't make it missed a
great show.The GFS guys are the best!!!!Thanks for making it such a great
time for us.Thanks Ron for showing us a wonderful time.All of the FL cars
were incredible.It was great meeting Dave and all of the other people so I
can put a face to the E-mail addresses and see the cars that are written
about.We should get together more than once a year,maybe a Forward Look only
> Adam

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