[FWDLK] Fw: [FWDLK] Local Parish Ordinances Against Antique Cars On Ones
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[FWDLK] Fw: [FWDLK] Local Parish Ordinances Against Antique Cars On Ones Property

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From: "Bill K." <pontiac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Saturday, July 24, 2004 1:46 AM
Subject: Re: [FWDLK] Local Parish Ordinances Against Antique Cars On Ones

> Where I used to live we had one a-hole who'd complain about my cars - not
> any of the other two dozen unliscenced cars in the neighborhood, including
> couple that haven't moved an inch in over 20 years - just mine.
> I'd beat him by putting plates on the cars and either letting the
> registration run out before the insurance (so you don't have to turn in
> plates) or renewing it as needed and just sending the town a photocopy of
> the current registration cards.  Because they were registered and insured,
> they fit the letter of the law if not the spirit.  Which fixed this
> because I never moved the cars an inch.  I thought about moving them right
> up against the ugly as sin chain link fence he put up so he could see them
> every time he looked into his backyard, but decided not to bother.
> If the vehicles need only be 'operable' your parts cars are in trouble,
> it should be easily demonstratable for those which run and drive.
> I have one like that that very obviously has no engine in it and another
> which I have since transferred the registration to another car, but left
> plate on it for the codes people to see.  Has been like that since
> codes officer inspected in June over another matter, and ok'ed the
> after I cleaned up some crap that had been accumulating.
> You should be able to put an inexpensive antique policy on the cars, like
> friend of mine does.  Put the minimum coverage on them if you're not
> them, maybe can even get a storage only policy that will let you keep
> on the cars.
> I'd check into my zoning to see if I could put up one of those steel
> buildings I hear advertised on the radio so much, or bring in 2 or 3 40'
> shipping containers (which are ugly as sin for your neighbors to enjoy
> looking at!) and then space them one container width apart, put a top
> between the two and cap one end, and you get a third stall space.
> If they won't give you time, around here a storage unit big enough for two
> cars is under $100 a month.  which it may help your case to remove some of
> the vehicles to another location.  Usually they are good about giving
> time to comply with their wishes, but you never know when you'll get some
> busybody SOB with his own adgenda in there either.  The irony usually is
> these laws make you put parts cars and real pieces of crap in a garage and
> good stuff has to stay outside, to conform to the law.
> You live somewhere, you own your land, you pay the taxes, and here is the
> government telling you what you can and can't do with it.. reminds me of
> communism.  So much for freedom - to me zoning laws should be
> unconstitutional.   For every adult bookstore they keep away from an
> elementary school there's 2 or 3 guys being screwed out of a hobby or a
> source of income.   One mans junk is another man's treasure, and I happen
> like looking out my window at old cars.  Some people call it 'yard art' so
> how you can have a law based on an opinion of what is or is not an eyesore
> is beyond me.  I don't want to see my neighbor's ugly-ass chain link
> but that's legal.  (actually I don't want to see that neighbor either, but
> there's no zoning law against his being a pain in the rear end).  The
> thing I hate is a zoning officer can legally harass you - he can keep
> back and makiing you change things and there is not much you can do to
> him.
> Hopefully you can find out who complained and scan his property and report
> any violations he's commiting while you're at it; heck, get the codes book
> and report anonymously anything that looks like it might be a violation so
> he can deal with inspections left and right.   Bastards like that need to
> learn to mind their own business; 50 or 100 years ago you could have given
> them what for and gotten away with it, but not anymore.
> Bill K.
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> From: "George Sazdoff" <Scavengers58@xxxxxx>
> To: <L-FORWARDLOOK@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Sent: Saturday, July 24, 2004 12:23 AM
> Subject: [FWDLK] Local Parish Ordinances Against Antique Cars On Ones
> Property
> > Hi Everyone....I'm sure quite a few of you have been through what I am
> going
> > through right now.   It seems that a disgruntled neighbor of mine has
> reported
> > me to the local code enforcement bureau in my township (parish).  I
> received
> > a rather terse letter from this body stating that I must remove, make
> > operable, or store in an enclosed building the vehicles on my property.
> Now, these
> > cars can barely be seen from the street. There is a very large tree
> > conceals the cars in my side yard.....and the others are way in the rear
> of my
> > property under a car port and in the rear drive.  One of these is my
> 57
> > Plymouth Conv.  the others are 2 '68 Olds 98 Conv., 1 '70 Olds Cutlas
> Conv., a 59
> > Cadillac parts car, a 58 Plymouth parts car.  Under the car port:  '39
> Buick
> > Century, '58 Plymouth Belvedere 2 door hardtop....Loaded, and a '58
> Apache
> >  Pickup Truck. These cars are all restorable, but not currently running.
> > This agency gives me 10 days to comply, which the letter states is
> mandatory.
> > This is really sick!  I am going down to this office Monday to discuss a
> more
> > realistic time frame, and any other options I might have.  My question
> any of
> > you out there....particularly any Lawyers is this:  If I erect a fence
> > completely enclosing the yard area where the cars are....concealing
> them.....will
> > this be sufficient?  And,  Will a "Cover It" Temporary Enclosure meet
> > requirement to store in an enclosed building??  This is really making me
> very sick.
> > This is part of my car collection which took years to acquire and now a
> > township ordinance is threatening to destroy the entire hobby for me.
> Seems so
> > Un-American.  My place is not a Blighted Property and like I said, you
> hardly
> > tell that there are cars back there.  Any advice would really be
> appreciated.
> >  Please don't ask to buy any of the forwardlook cars as I will go down
> with
> > the ship before I part with these.  Thanks to All of You in advance.
> George.
> >
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