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Re: [FWDLK] 57 CRL Sighting

Don't remember the tow vehicle - especially if it was a Chevy.  Just caught a glimpse of the front, coming out of the misty morning on I-71.  Once I got over the surprise, I caught sight of the wider side trim, seeing it was wider than normal.  Could of been a Spring Special (I have one also), or a CRL, saw more of the side than the front.  I said Poppy Red because it was not a true red, but a creamy, salmon-red-like color, white fins and top.  Sweet, whatever. 

Sure puts modern cars to shame on style.


In a message dated 11/23/2004 3:35:17 AM Eastern Standard Time, esierraadj@xxxxxxxxx writes:

That color combo ("Poppy Red") implies a 58 Spring Special, with the
1957-style side-chrome-trim, and color-pattern, which WAS available. It
could have been Ex-Greg Leggatt (Napanee, ONT--suburb of Toronto); he
restored a 58 CRL 2-dr, &showed it @ Detroit WPC Natl Meet , in
1996---subsquently sold it IIRC. It WAS a real, legitimate
Trailer-Queen; he's a master-restorer of 57- 58 MoPars, &that car TRULY
looked like it had just exited the factory, NOT over-restored, like,
with a heavy, obvious clear-coat paint job, e.g.

Neil Vedder---ask if the pulling vehicle was a Chevy(!?) pick up truck.


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