[FWDLK] Forward Look Server DSL Issues
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[FWDLK] Forward Look Server DSL Issues

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Hi All,
As most of you are aware, the server's DSL connection has been experiencing severe issues for over two months.  My ISP has stated that they simply can't get the problem escalated with Verizon (in whose equipment the fault lies), and that basically Verizon is simply not interested in fixing our problem.
Therefore, the server is going to have to be moved (physically, to a new location) as there is no other DSL provider in that area.  We are just going to have to put up with the 'up and down' nature of this shoddy DSL connection until the move occurs.
This will take some time, and is 6th in line of my priorities right now (the Forward Look calendar is number two, by the way, right behind a technical test I have to take tomorrow for a potential job).  The rest of my priorities involve simply trying to get enough money to pay my rent this month, as I have been unemployed for about 18 months.
I am investigating options for colocation ($200+ per month), an SDSL line at Juley's parents' house ($250+ per month, plus $550 in setup fees) and lastly a T1 line here at my house ($400+ per month, plus around $700 setup fees).  These are all out of reach for me personally right now, but when I determine the best course of action I will begin begging for donations.
Again, I apologize for any inconvenience this is causing, but believe me I am doing everything I can to get this resolved.
PS - I thank all of you who have offered suggestions on hosting services, but due to the nature of the background processes that run on our servers (yes, there are two), we simply have to run them on our own machines. I can't run them here, as we are too far from the CO to get a decent u/l speed w/DSL (we need min. 768/768k), and cable does not offer a high enough u/l speed, period.  I also unfortunately cannot locate them far away -- they need to be near enough to get to in a reasonable amount of time should any problems occur.


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