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Many many years ago the Chrysler-Plymouth Dealership Nissley Motors in Middletown, Pennsylvania went out of business. I bought some of their NOS Chrysler and Plymouth unsold stock. I was super excited to get a whole set, both sides of NOS Fury Gold brand new and still in the original shipping package. When I checked it later after I bought it, a letter inside the original package from Plymouth Division said it was experimental and a future option that would be available for the 4 door sedan and 4 door hardtop. When I removed it I noticed 2 extra piece of gold. ( for the additional 2 doors)  All my cars are 2 door hardtops. At one time I was ready to buy a 4 door Plymouth just to make the "World's First 4 door Fury complete with 2/4s and correct interior." (that did not go over too big with my wife)  That was many many years ago. Well, I still have it, still in it's original packing and still with the Plymouth letter and it fits on the Belvedere, because Belvederes have the stainless for the top and bottom to hold this Fury Gold in place. The corporation Historian told me that the Plymouth Sales and Marketing Department discontinued this Fury gold option for 4 door Plymouths because they felt it would hurt the Fury's sales if it was ever offered as an option on Belvederes and other lower priced Plymouths. He said the Silvertone side trim on the Belvedere had gotten the green light for production but the Goldtone side trim did not. So they recalled the first approx. 8 sets of 4 door Fury gold that was sent to Plymouth Dealers.
  The Corporation Historian said that their records showed that all but one or two sets of the "Goldtone side trim" were returned and destroyed. I have one of those sets and sooner than talk about it, if you Email me I will send you an Email photo of the package, gold and letter!!! Some companies have tried to duplicate this gold and it sells for $500 to $900. The set I have is NOS PLYMOUTH ORIGINAL FACTORY MADE GOLDTONE SIDE TRIM FOR 1957 OR 1958 PLYMOUTH!!!!!
Price  $795 Firm


              Ron Allyn Swartley------Phone (717) 939-3429-----Pennsylvania.

1956  Plymouth Fury
  1958  PlymouthFury (Golden Commando)


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