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Re: [FWDLK] Riding the Coupe

Ask the folks at Damlier-Chrysler?  Beats me.  4 doors is a sedan as far as
I am concerned, no matter what fancy name you try to lay on it or how you
try to hide the back doors.

Anyhow, the commercial I saw is for a Mercedes and not related to the new
Charger -

Bill K.

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> According to Webster, a "Coupe" is "a closed 2 door automobile". So how
> a 4 door be a coupe? If the definition of a coupe is changed, then almost
> all cars will be coupes.
> Dave Homstad
> 56 Dodge D500
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> As to the 4 door Coupe, the Chief Designer stated that he considers the
> NEW Charger as a 4 door Coupe.

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