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Tom, (and anyone else, besides myself!) : what your car's former owner
may have done is 'disable' the heater, as an internal heater-housing
"valve", or whatever, may have 'died', so that the heater 'always'
produces heat, instead of outside air, into the interior.

What someone else proposed, and what I did, and what cheaply-fixes this
situation, is to slice-
thru one (choose the lower one, for less visibility) of the two lines
(supply and return) that go 'to' the firewall, and install an in-line
shut-off valve, so that water will not be allowed to run through the
heater core, & heat the interior, during the warm months. In the fall,
open the valve.
It's interesting to see this "fix", appear on a lot of 'wrecking-yard'

Neil Vedder


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