[FWDLK] 58 Dodge Convertible FS; 56 Plym Conv and more avail
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[FWDLK] 58 Dodge Convertible FS; 56 Plym Conv and more avail

I just saved this from the crusher -

Before I throw it on eBay, first dibs here:

'58 Dodge Custom Royal convertible.   This is a rough car for parts or to
convert over a hardtop.  Factory coral and white/black and white interior.
The car is 100% complete less taillight lenses (broken) but very rusty and I
do not know if it will come out in one piece - it is currently frozen to the
ground.   Motor looks to be a 325, complete to air cleaner and looks like a
2bbl carb.  I could not get door open to find the VIN tag but nothing has
been disturbed on this including the keys since it was last parked.

Does not have power windows or seats.  Hood and deck may be useable, not
rotted bad over headlights.  I fully expect the rear frame even if it will
move in one piece, to be in poor shape.   I would be willing to cut it up on
the spot and haul it out in pieces.  (I cut them with a swazall and

$2500 or ?  I want to flip this fast so I can buy more cars - such as:

'56 Plymouth convertible.  Same shape as above.

'58 Plymouth - 2 2dr hardtops, both parts cars, good glass, some good trim.
Also a sedan and two wagons, all 1958's.

When it came to Chrysler, there were none between 55-62, and only a couple
of DeSotos - the one '57/8 2dr was pretty well stripped, no doors or nose,
and I have a buddy I owe a favor to so I'll probably make sure he gets that.

There were several Dodge wagons 57-8 and several '60 Plymouth wagons.  Most
are in bad shape but will have good parts.

This yard is crushing every day.  I have pictures of most but you can't see
a lot for the snow.   I may go ahead and list the Dodge which I did pay for
on eBay but if someone on this list wants it they get dibs and I'll pull the

When's the last time you could go in a junkyard and find half a dozen Model
A's, a relatively complete Model T, and even part of a Franklin?   Needless
to say I need to turn some cash fast.

Those of you on the patch panels, I haven't forgotten you.   I want to be
sure the panels I send you are what they are supposed to be, and it's taken
some time to find a place with cars I can compare them to (the only one I
was sure on is '59 Plymouth).  There may be some Dodge panels in here as
well.  You should hear from me by next week.

e-mail off list for more info -

Bill K.

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