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Re: [FWDLK] Garage floor paint

In a message dated 2/24/2006 8:14:13 PM Eastern Standard Time, dave.stragand@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
Actually, Iâve been advised of the opposite.  It is a bad idea to have carpet underneath the car, as it soaks up oil and other fluids, and acts as a convenient wick to set your car on fire with the slightest spark. 
I have been parking my cars on carpet for  years.. It is the perfect way to keep them dry in the northern climates. Just put the drip pans under the oil and trans.  And if you really want to protect the car from the varmits just park on .006 mil plastic from the HomeDepot and pull it up the sides and clothes pin it to the sides of your soft car cover... It lets the car breathe and I have never (fingers crossed) had a mouse eat through the plastic yet..  Marv    


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