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Re: [FWDLK] 1961 Plodge story

Looks like the same car that came up here for discussion a while back. Hemmings Classic Cars was going to do a feature article on it, spent time and money, then shelved the article when the car's history wasn't accurate.

IIRC, it was allegedly one of a few ordered for Mexico delivery, but the car was actually originally delivered to PA not far from where it was found.

Most likely it's just a Dodge with a Plymouth nose.

What did the entire article claim? You might think about writing the magazine to tell them they've been fleeced. Have them get ahold of Richard Lentinello at HCC for the real scoop.

--Roger van Hoy, Washougal, WA, '55 DeSoto, '58 DeSoto, '42 DeSoto, '56 Plymouth, '66 Plymouth, '41 Dodge

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Has any one read the story in this months of Mopar Collectors Guide on the
'61 - 1/2 Plymouth 1/2 Dodge? (car is being called a Plodge although it has
Dodge badges) I found this quite interesting. It sounds like a Canadian
car, but not sure if they were still doing the cross thing in '61. I am
also sure that was checked into when the researched the car.
The story did say it was an American car. The story made NO mention of
what the vin number reflected!!!
If any one read this story and would like to share ideas on what this car is
or was please.


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