[FWDLK] Need to get FLOCKED?
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[FWDLK] Need to get FLOCKED?

..well, your CAR, anyway.

I ordered from Gary Goers, several months ago, & received, today, a
beautiful set of 2-dr  correct 1-piece (as opposed to his  former
2-piece bare-rubber) flocked roof-rail weatherstrips.

I had ordered them for Glenn Barratt, but, Glenn acquired his set, from
Gary a month or so ago.

NO big deal; I'm going to pay Gary, manana, his very-reasonable $205.00
invoice, but, here's the DEAL:

As my car already has (aging) Finnish flocked weatherstrips, I'll
re-sell (for immediate delivery!!!) these roof-railers for $250.00, plus

I subsequently ordered from Gary his 1/4 window weatherstrips, which
should arrive shortly.

If anyone  (the FIRST; you snooze, etc...) interested person will PM me,
I'll also sell the 1/4 window weatherstrips @ a reasonably-similar
mark-up. "Time" is money, and all-that....

Gary's parts are not going to go down in price, & I'm not "needing" to
install these flockers,  right now, but I probably WILL, sometime in the

We are SO lucky to have a "Gary Goers"----he's presently got an order
from me to re-do a power brake pedal.

Neil Vedder 


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