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Re: [FWDLK] POR 15

If EYE were doing a really quickie/crummy "restoration" , I would paint
DIRECTLY OVER the nasty rusty crusty corroded..... (as long as there
were no  actual rust-thru ; I have my 'principles' )......
undercarriage , with something like POR, and then, I'd apply rubberized
undercoating to the undercarriage, effectively burying/entombing the
corrosion under a brightshiney ROUGH surface !!!!

Of course, if I were really sneaky (I mean: "astute") I would disc-sand
the frame rails "down"  to a smooth surface, and then apply Rustoleum to
them, so that the gloss-finished frame rails would contrast nicely with
the semi-gloss appearance, of the undercoating.

Same thing, with the axle housing: knock-down the pits/roughness, and
make it "shine".

The springs really should be R & R'ed , and disassembled, for
stripping/refinishing--too hard to make them "pretty", while they're
still installed on the car----DARN it!!!

Neil Vedder


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