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[FWDLK] tires

Greetings to All,  With the current discussion on Coker Tires, it causes me to ponder...(and no, I am not driving a 100-point resto) under what conditions would I buy specialty tires such as these?  If they only have an estimated 20k life span, and if the manufacturer is not willing to be a 'stand-up' kind of guy, why would I not only (potentially) endanger my life but also those around me?  Not to mention (potential) damage to the car...  It would seem illogical to put any tire that is not of the absolute highest quality on any car that is actually driven.  In pursuit of perfection we should always be constrained by reality and facts.  If I was driving anywhere on the freeway system (not to mention OR to OK) I think that a set of Michelins would be just fine for me.  Screw the tire deduct on a 100-point rig....

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