[FWDLK] Pilson's Garage
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[FWDLK] Pilson's Garage

Hello Listmates-
Just a note to let those of you who have visited Pilson's Garage in Stuart, Virginia know that they have crushed all of their vast inventory of cars .
These vehicles ranged in age from the 40's to the mid 60's. There were well over a thousand scattered throughout the hills of the large yard. many, many finned Mopars of every description as well as those from an earlier age. Probably the largest collection of flathead Ford products as well.
The owner said the price of scrap had briefly gone to 7.50 per hundredweight and that translated into around a quarter of a million dollars-far more than he would realize on occasional parts sales.
Touring Pilson's vast collection was an experience in itself. The yard was so large and heavily wooded one could get lost easily on the many trails. It was mind boggling to walk in absolute silence down a trail and come face to face with "300's" crowded fin to fin- rusting away silently. Or to see a large oak tree sprouting from the engine compartment between the hemi and the fender well. These cars had been there a long time, many were driven in and just pushed down the hills until they fetched up against another car or a tree---
It is a sad passing for those of us who need parts at affordable prices, and are willing to remove them ourselves. This happening has been all to common lately here in N.C. as well as elsewhere. Many of us with limited means will cease to belong to the hobby, being unable to afford the very high prices of replacement parts on the present market., both used and reproduced.

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