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Re: [FWDLK] Boyd Coddinton's performance

I didn’t get to witness the kicking and the smashing, but I thought Coddington and his crew were fine and respectful as I viewed them from the VIP section.  When they interviewed him, he didn’t sugar-coat the condition of the car and he advocated the car’s preservation.  Some folks on the web really vilified him which I think was unjust based on my experience there.  Remember when they opened the time capsule: they were so excited that they ripped through all of those documents with wild abandon!  I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Coddington and crew were authorized to break a window; it was a bit of a mad frenzy up there.


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Here's a thought, now that they have an empty vault, lets put Boyd Coddington in it, dig it up in 50 years and then immediately break his glasses!


Is any one else upset about Boyd Coddington's performance. He has said he didn't like Mopars and his actions proved it.  He was given authourity over a car that hadn't seen the light of day in over 50 years.  While alot of deterioration was caused from the burial, some things remained undamaged until he got a hold of her.  Right before our eyes he allowed the driver side glass to be smashed and the hood to be jerked on until the moulding came loose.  What kind of performance was this for a man given the honor to present a Buried Treasure.  


Tulsa did a wonderful job and some of the finest people we've ever met attended the event.  As a result of this event, Plymouths will be called Plymouths and not Christine.  What a blessing. 


As far as the condition of the car, it will probably get more attention then if she would have emerged perfect.  She would have looked the same as any well restored Plymouth, like some of those that were at the show.  At least now when you look at her you don't have to be told that she was the one that was buried. 


As I studied her and what the ravages of time did to her, it broke my heart that some of the damage was done after it was unearthed thanks to Mr. Coddington.


Keith & Suzi


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