[FWDLK] Bloat in the Corporate World
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[FWDLK] Bloat in the Corporate World

    If you look real close at the new Hewlett Packard ink cartridges form HP you will notice the old cartridges had how much ink was in the cartridge printed on the side. The new ones say 50% more copies per cartridge but do not mention volume of ink in the cartridge. Who is gone to print and count every paper on an old cartridge and then on a new cartridge? No one. If you weigh the old and the new cartridges they weight the same. Must be lighter weight ink------Not. Americans screwing Americans. OOPPSS, We are not allowed to say that. That is political incorrect.
   My wife has taught school for 30+ years and her middle school students ask her why is it that the Politicians, Business owners, large companies, President, Vice President, nobody is responsible for what they do wrong. They also ask why do criminals that are guilty and pay for a high price attorney get off free or with very little jail time?    The young kids are watching us all, what are we training them to do when it is their turn to run the country ????!!!! I think we are on subject, these transaction going on in government could be the end of our auto manufactors.
  Ron Swartley


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