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to add to the posibilities of purpose-enhanced official use vehicles... i had been into collecting 94-96 9C1 caprice retired patrol cars. my NYPD [in nypd blue of course] had full undercarriage skid plates made from 1/4'' plate, protected everything from the sway bar's centermost section to the trans tailshaft, and the the fuel tank separately [tanks are termoplastic]  my unmarked PA state patrol car had cloth power frt seats, no undercarriage protection, cutouts for spots but no spots, but had full cage and cuff rail.  another retired county sheriff car had yet a different front only skid plate, drivers spot/provision, and other details the next 3 had or didnt have....
they could be ordered in any color int/ext... the std pkg on those included LT1 engine/4L60E trans, 9C1 pkg [suspension upgrades/brakes- same as impala SS] silicone lifetime radiator and heater hoses, certified speedo - i saw my best one hit 162 on rt 21 south one night- dont know what the limit is- some cop cars were governed to 134 i think, some were not. there were wire harness options/locations as well- rear interior handles were never deleted- but some were "factory disabled"

this breed of car can probably only be proven by the must-have/std equipment, documentation of service, or overall period-correct accessories/equip.

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Within 1 mile of my house is a Police Car builder.
He gets in new cars, built at the factory with various police car options. Then he adds what is needed by the Police Dept/agency ordering it, and delivers it. He takes in their trade-in, refurbishes it, and sells them to smaller/poorer Police Depts. Takes in their trades and moves them on down the line. Seems very busy.
I had a  Chevy police Sales brochure which showed many different packages and options to be ordered. the basic car had a 2" tube running from the trunk to under the dash for installing the wiring for radios and suchlike in the trunk. Also things like delete inside door handles, lock etc for the rear doors, rings for hooking handcuffs to, optional locations for the roof wiring, spotlights and more.
Ray in Mena

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  I am sure that varying jurisdictions bought their fleet cars to different specs though.  I know California Highway Patrol went with a weird Polara / Dart hybrid in 61.  I thought they used 15" inch wheels.  The 60 Dart Washington SP Pursuit car I had ran a B-block 383 with a 3-speed stick and 3.23 sure grip on 15" inch wheels. Vintage literature shows Mopar offered cars as "pursuit" cars and "cruisers", and no doubt this opened up a whole can of worms for different equipment applications.  Got pictures of your c! ar ?

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