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Re: [FWDLK] [Chrysler300] 1961 Chrysler TurboFlite Concept Car]

Mike & Sharon Higgins wrote:
What does Gary Barker mean: "now we know where Dodge and Plymouth got there (sic) wings from". The Ghia designed Chrysler was first introduced at the 1957 show, and this, from 1961 looks like an updated version. This was the last show car designed by Virgil Exner, and the original "Turbine" in 1956-7 was designed by Ghia and Exner. I think that Exner more than showed that it was his concept and design imaginings that produced the Finned Years, and although there were some earlier hints from Cad*** and Lin**** they were nothing until Chrysler made its whole line finned in 1955.


I am not biased. I am not i'm not!!!
Mike Higgins
1955 Belvedere Sport Coupe

THINK:  Superbird and Datona 'wing' cars :-)

Look at the pics again but this time the rear air foil,  Not fender fins

Paul Holmgren


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