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Here is what I have noticed about General Motors vehicles mostly, but sometimes others.  You notice it when the application of brakes causes the driving lights to go out and the brake light to come on.  I suspect the same is true for the Low beam causing a dull glow in the high beam filament.  The ground is on the wrong terminal.  Think about it.  The high beam is a low resistance element (as is the stop light element), hence its brighter beam.  What I believe is happening is that the current is flowing thru both of the high and low beam elements in the low beam position and only thru the high beam element when in the high beam position.  The fact that the low beam looks normal is an allusion.  It is really designed to be brighter and will be if only the low beam element is getting current.

Changing the ground wire so that only one element is getting current will fix the problem.  Hope this helps.

Dick Skinner
1959 Plymouth Sport Suburban

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