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Some early production '57 Chrysler 300Cs had single headlights.   The US states were in the process of changing their headlight laws and federal law had to be approved by each state legislature.  California was the last state to accept the new law due to the meeting dates of its legislature.  The particular car shown happened to be sold new in California.  We don't know the exact number of cars that were equipped with single lamps but not too many because the 300s didn't start production until most of the state laws got changed.  Then dealers had a retrofit kit to put 4 headlights into the 2 headlamp-equipped cars and most of the cars got updated.
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The car cover in this ad shows a Chrysler 300, [I'm assuming a '57 though
the grille looks more like a '58] with single headlights.  Never seen a 300
C with single headlights.

--Roger van Hoy, Washougal, WA, '55 DeSoto, '58 DeSoto, '56 Plymouth, '66
Plymouth, '41 Dodge



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