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Re: [FWDLK] Correct Air Cleaner Decal

Thanks Ron!


That sure simplifies the process. The ones with # 1821 398 are readily available on eBay. As a decal, not as a water transfer, but anyway: they’re available!


Regards, Jim.



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Verzonden: woensdag 28 oktober 2009 16:57
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Onderwerp: [FWDLK] Correct Air Cleaner Decal


Dear friends,



I’m getting kind of confused about the part number on the yellow with red letters Air Cleaner decal/transfer.

What’s the correct number that should be on there?

Is it the part number for the Air Cleaner Housing (so to call), or is it the part number for the (paper) Air Filter Element, to use?


Reason I want to know this is because I have a set of Air Cleaners powder coated and need new decals. Looking for them on eBay, I noticed/found them with correct part numbers for the Air Cleaner Housing, but can’t find them with the correct part numbers for the Air Filter elements, which gave me the hunch the part number on the decal/transfer might be for the housing, not for the paper element. Whilst I was thinking it would be more logically to have the part number for the element on such a decal, since that would simplify the ordering process (having the part number ‘at hand’).


Not very significantly important here, but since I’ve mentioned it and gathered the information anyway, the 1955-1958 Parts List lists the following:


Air Cleaners

1956 Adventurer & 300B                                    1673 794

1957 Fury & 300C                                             1821 398

1957 Adventurer                                                1821 915

1958 Fury, D500, Adventurer & 300D                  1852 568

1958 Fury, D500, Adventurer, w/FI                      1852 206


Air Filter Element

1957 Fury, D500, Adventurer, 300C                    1739 546          (3 1/2" ovals)

1957 Plymouth, DeSoto w/ Power Package        1739 549          (3 5/8" round)

1057-58 Dodge w/ Power Package                     1739 549          (3 5/8" round)

1958 Plymouth, Dodge w/ Power Package          1826 119          (3 1/4" round)

1958 Fury, Adventurer, D-500, 300D                   1852 569          (2 1/4" ovals)



Kind regards,


Jim, The Netherlands

1957 Dodge Lancer D500 x2.



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