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Re: [FWDLK] 1955 Dodge question

In 1955, the embossed "Super Red Ram" valve covers were replaced with the
plain VC's sometime between 1/31/55 and 3/29/55. They have "Super Red Ram"
decals applied. The embossed VC's had red paint applied to them.
(from observations made by Mike Petersen).

The valve covers are painted Engine Silver.

The spark plug wire covers have been seen to be painted in red, white, or
black, with no apparent pattern to their appearance.

The standard 1955 Dodge Super Red Ram hemi carburetor was a 2-bbl Stromberg,
model WW3- 120; -121 or -122  (manual, O/D, P/Flite)

The Super Red Ram  "Power Package" included the 4-bbl carb ( Carter #2181S;
with the P/Flite trannie, and Carter #2253S; P/N: 1631216 on the carb-body, with the manual trannie) and the special intake manifiold (P/N: 1537723), and dual exhausts.

The 2-bbl air cleaner is P/N 1557314; the 4-bbl guy is # 1615830

The 2-bbl Super Red Ram is rated at 183 HP.

The 4-bbl Super Red Ram/dual exhaust is rated at 193 HP.

The Paint/Trim data plates first appeared sometime between 5/16/55- 6/13/55.

Just some trivial Pursuit on the 55's.

Neil Vedder

Jim Pennington wrote:
I had one of those'55 Super Red Ram's hemis with the stamped valve covers back in the 80's. It was a factory WCFB 4-barrel with the high-rise intake.

Jim Pennington

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A friend who has a '55 Dodge Super Red Ram was asking about

engine colors.  I told him the valve covers were silver/argent with black

plug covers and with SUPER RED RAM decals in block letters, red with black

border, on the top half of the covers.

He sent me a pic of his engine, which has stamped /SUPER

RED RAM/ rather than the decal.  At first I thought they might be from

a 53 or '54, but they were just RED RAM and had the ram figure.

Anyone know for sure?  Is his maybe an early production

unit?  Would the color still be silver/argent?  What color for the

embossed letters?

Don't know if the pic below will come thru to the


--Roger van Hoy, Washougal, WA, '55 DeSoto, '58 DeSoto, '56

Plymouth, '66 Plymouth, '41 Dodge


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