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Re: [FWDLK] Hurricane Sandy

Yeah about 10 miles east of phillipsburg. I.have one small generator going now and a big one for later so we can have some running water. We use the camper showerals thoigh

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a57fury@xxxxxxx wrote:

I'm in Oakland, NJ, are you still out by Phillipsburg?  The winds here are about 40 to 50 mph and I think are getting a bit stronger.  We still have electricity (not that I jinx myself and my community).  I do have a generator standing by, just in case.  I hope you make out OK.
To all that are in Sandy's way, good luck and I hope you all stay above the water and below the wind.
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Thanks Dave. We are hunkered down in NJ. Power is already out.


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Dave Stragand <dave.stragand@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi All,
Here's hoping everyone in harm's way weathers the storm without incident!
In Pittsburgh, we will be on the edge of the severe winds/rain/snow, but according to the news reports, a power outage is "imminent", so it's likely will be going down until the power is restored.
State College, PA is pretty much directly in the eye's path.  There is therefore a potential for a listserv outage as well due to the storm.
As the storm approaches, I encourage y'all to take care of the remaining precautions and assist your neighbors who are preparing for the storm. Please heed the warnings issued by state and local authorities and do your best to keep the roads clear for our first responders.
Good Luck, All!

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