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Re: [FWDLK] 1955 Plymouth wheel rim



Thanks for your response. I was guessing that the 5” rim was for the 11” brakes. I’m off to scour the salvage yard tomorrow for something that will fit.


I finished painting the rims today and they look like new. Too bad they’ll be obscured by the wheel covers.




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The front two rims on my 1955 Plymouth are off from a 1950 Plymouth I found in the junkyard years ago.  They do have a locating hole, I think there is only one on those rims, so they only go on one way.  I believe all my rims are 15" x 4.5", but have not measured them lately as they are on the car.  The car had 6.70 x 15" tires on it when I bought it and my parts book says those tires go with the 15" x 4.5" rims.  My car is a factory V8 car with the 241 so it should have the 11" front brakes.  But again, have not measured anything lately. 


My parts book says the 15" x 5" wheel is for the 11" brake.  The rims from the 1950 Plymouth, which was obviously a 6 cylinder, fit fine on my car.  If you need more info, let me know, and I can look into it further.




Methuen, MA


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