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Re: [FWDLK] Trunk Latch

On 9/29/2015 3:51 PM, Rimington, Kenneth wrote:
Has anyone installed a trunk motorized pull-down latch in a 1950’s
Mopar?  I am trying to install one in a 1956 Dodge. I made a solenoid
latch adapter plate to fit it into the latch opening in the trunk lid.
I made a bracket to mount the motorized striker assembly in the trunk
where the old striker was mounted.  I deciphered the wiring except for
the ground.  In the car I got the new assembly from, there is an
elaborate ground network.  Can I simply use chassis for ground in the
trunk of my ’56 or do I need to run a ground from the battery/engine block?

with the 56, I'll bet more then a few $$ taht body/chassis ground would
work just fine!!

Me thins you should already have a body/chassis to engine ground strap

Paul Holmgren
If you think Space is the Final Frontier,
You should see my Garage!


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