[FWDLK] 325 Engine Freeze Plugs
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[FWDLK] 325 Engine Freeze Plugs

It appears that I have a leak form either the right (passenger) side of the engine or the rear.  Assume it is a freeze plug that has rusted through.  Will try to crawl under it tomorrow and check if I can see the problem.
How difficult is it to replace the side or rear freeze plugs, and are they available or the same as other Mopar small-block freeze plugs?
I am trying to get one of my 57 Coronets ready to sell as health concerns (upcoming surgeries) will require that I "thin the herd".  My 57 D500 will be next, along with the 58 Coronet, a 73 Charger and some others.  Hope to keep the 59 Coronet if possible.
Best laid plans sometimes go astray in the blink of an eye.
Larry (Akron)


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