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Re: [FWDLK] Looking for recommendations on a GOOD LED cordless/rechargeable work light to purchase

Just a note that I purchased the Bosch 12V 2.Ah rechargeable cordless Lithium Ion light and it is absolutely perfect (for me).  Features and benefits; small/easy hand held, stand alone with ratcheting angle/elevation for easy view in any angle...hands-free, strong magnet to "attach" to any metal surface trans tunnel/frame/under dash in cab, and a nifty hook to hang under the dash while I work on wiring...durable; dropped it twice on damage, and it has a very strong beam of clean/pure light just like the OTT lamps for distortion-free illumination.  Price of approx. $115 online was worth every penny after foolishly suffering with substandard units and poor service.  Do it right - do it once.

On Saturday, June 3, 2017 at 5:25:47 PM UTC-7, glpav...@xxxxxxx wrote:
Mail List members,
Do any of you have a recommendation on a GOOD LED cordless/rechargeable work light?  I am tired of the local poor quality lights I have purchased in the past that
do not last nor provide sufficient lumens for working in the engine bay and cab...thank you for any recommendations!
Gary Pavlovich


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