Re: [Chrysler300] 300 F axle ratios.
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Re: [Chrysler300] 300 F axle ratios.

You're absolutely right. A 12.9 ET would have taken the "F" to a class win in A/S at the 1962 Nationals. Had it run S/S it could have also won, as Tin Indian won that class with a 13.44 at 108.4 (although the driver had been running in the 12s all day).
A couple of Studebaker Larks show up here every year for the Pure Stock Muscle Car Drags in September at Mid-Michigan Motorplex, including Plain Brown Wrapper. They are quick, very quick.
Advances in transmission design have reversed the fortunes for stick vs. auto over the years. The sticks were faster enough in the 50s and 60s that NHRA created separate classes for the automatics. These days, I don't think it likely a stick shift could win at the strip. I have a 1970 Chevelle 454 4-speed, but don't race it because the stick makes it uncompetitive. I run a Chevy 454 auto trans. instead (w/ 4.11s).
Mike Reed in Hastings, Michigan

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I like this post, Alan!! Right on.



I still want a 12.9  second F. They did that in 62 with HRM 62 300 special , 12.9 I think; ran 4:56 gear, about 290 cam. Ray Brock. Would have won whole thing in summer 62 Nationals, but driver was asleep at the light .Pontiac won with slower ET, in 13?s .  Domination of first aluminum 727 was absolute?. loved it ; beat GM 425 409 4 spd times. 62 trans had real kickdown indent too. It went DOWN when YOU wanted, not when it wanted. Nice chirp!  Guy who brought us part throttle 727 down shifts ought to be shot.


I am working on that 12.9 F. Above proves it possible.


Remember 454 Chevelles stock are really 15 sec cars. Among  fastest ?stock ? cars at that ?all stock ? meet are Stude larks with 4 spd 289 stude R series engine (about 12.9) ,and stage Buicks, ~1970. I had 440 challenger new in 70, a certain Buick with that feared front fender emblem would always put a length on me off the line,  then I?d hang back even with him. You cannot catch that switch pitch converter / turbo 400 they have, off the line,  combined with 455 cu in torque . I think they ran 3;42 gears. Converter goes loose when you floor it then blades change angle , it tightens up?.great idea. (rooted in Dynaflow, for the cynics!) .


There are, er, disturbing pictures, of Larks murdering Mopar Hemi?s and 440 six packs at that pure stock meet. Stude 4 spd driven by Ted Harbit, their George! (Plain Brown Wrapper--- brown one---and Stewed Tomato---red one ).They get a big Oh No from Mopar guys in hot hemi?s . Studes act like 340 triples.


You have a point though,  when a V6 Camry beats you..especially a silver one.


Sticking with my 3;18 F axle ,ghost or not, due to thinking like this post. It is what it is, it is not a new Vette. Or Hellcat.


But something else will come!


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