RE: [Chrysler300] 1961 Power Steering Pumps
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RE: [Chrysler300] 1961 Power Steering Pumps

Thanks Carl – I did some digging on the Lars site and it appears that they use the same pump for 1961-68 300’s. To your point, the reservoir may be different depending on year. Based on this, as long as your reservoir is good, one should be able to use any of the 61-68 years as a good core.


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Mark, I believe that the cap to which you are referring is from a later pump (1965).  The reservoir neck is also a little different to accommodate that style cap.  That reservoir will fit the ‘61 ps pump, but would not be the correct style cap as far as I know.


Carl B.


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Did Chrysler use two models of pumps in 1961? While my PS pump was out being rebuilt I was able to locate a replacement but it had no cap. Thinking I could use my old cap I assumed it was no problem. Unfortunately, the old cap is too large. When I look online it appears that there may have been a second supplier of pumps that used a cap with tabs on it (like a radiator cap).

Does this sound correct?


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