Re: [Chrysler300] 300H rough idle/ now about car "locking up".
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Re: [Chrysler300] 300H rough idle/ now about car "locking up".

Exactly right ,,,rust aggressively self energizes the brake shoes the minute they touch the drum . Remember two leading shoes in front , unlike Ford or GM . Will lock front brakes solid til rust is gone . Use lightly 5-6 times, all set . 

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On Nov 20, 2015, at 5:38 PM, Ryan Hill ryan_hillc300@xxxxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300] <Chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Your drums are rusting up while in storage. Once you drive it and wear the corrosion off, all is well. Normal for any car that sits where there is any amount of moisture present. 

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Hi Mike - this may be way off base, but when I take my F out of storage in the spring, for some inexplicable reason, the front drum brakes lock up. So it sort of skids and lurches out of the storage garage. They release fine when I ease off the brake pedal, but even gentle brake pressure results in a lockup. They may lock up intermittently the next couple of times I use the brake pedal as it goes downhill in the back lane to the street. I'm under 5 mph at this stage. Once they've been applied a few times, the problem goes away and the car stops fine. It only happens at low speeds. Driving around the city it's never done it, and it comes down from 75 mph dead straight, without the slightest vibration.


Once I'm driving it regularly, the problem doesn't recur. It only seems to happen after the car sits for a few weeks or more. Obviously, with our winters, we have no choice but to store cars for 5 - 6 months.


A while back, one of the folks on the list server recommended I have the brakes arced, which I did. Everything related to the brakes, wheel cylinders etc. is near new and totally clean. Why it only happens after the car sits for a long time, no one has figured out. It's the car's only quirk, and doesn't seem to be doing any harm, so I live with it.


Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Mark in 20 degree F Calgary - snow arrived on Thursday! Ready for my break in Arizona!

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Subject: [Chrysler300] 300H rough idle/ now about car "locking up".


Some time ago, I moved my car in my garage and it locked up as though it had hit something when I moved either forward or backwards a couple of feet.

Because I HAD to move it, I gave it gradually increasing amounts of throttle and it did move as though I were driving through locked brakes.

Here’s where things are now:

1. Removed both rear drums, and found both rear brakes were normal (they were rebuilt a couple of years ago.)

2. Removed drive shaft and found a rear u-joint was worn but showed no signs of anything locking up.I could turn the diff input shaft either direction without a problem.

3, The diff was shipped to Randy’s for disassembly, inspection and rebuild . It was in good shape except the Power Grip clutch pack was worn (350,000 miles).

4. I spent a long time on the phone with Jeff Carter (who sold me replacement axles as mine were stripped or worn on the taper),and he suggested I check out the e-brake more throughly. I just now pulled that drum, and it looks just like it did when I put it together several years ago with new lining. It is also not my smoking gun.

5. Jeff Carter suggested I check for a broken trunnion pin on the front U-jpint, which I will do.
If it still does this (no reason found not to!) , I plan on cycling buttons on transmission between 1 and D as that is a different fluid path and may show something.
If anyone has any further suggestions , I would sure be grateful!

MIke Moore



Posted by: John Grady <jkg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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