[Chrysler300] 57 Dodge brake drum info requested.
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[Chrysler300] 57 Dodge brake drum info requested.

Hi All
I am helping a guy in New Zealand find new or very good brake drums. Is there anyone who repo’s these drums? His list follows.
A Very Merry Christmas to All.
  • DODGE Custom Royal 1957
  • 2 x       DRUM Brake Rear
    • Suit 11” x 2” shoes
    • 3.125” hub concentric bore
  • 2 x       DRUM Brake Front
    • Suit 11” x 2-1/2” shoes
    • Drum surface is quite a bit wider than the 2-1/2” shoe, but 2-1/2” shoes are correct

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Posted by: "Gary Nelson" <gnelson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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