Re: [Chrysler300] starter fails to disengage
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Re: [Chrysler300] starter fails to disengage

The likely problem is within the starter.  The battery cable attaches to a large copper stud on the top of the starter (the solenoid housing).  Near that stud is another similar one inside the solenoid housing and it carries battery power to the windings of the starter motor.  When you turn your key to energize your starter several things happen.  Your key switch sends power to a small start relay either on the firewall or inner fender.  The relay contacts then close sending power to the starter through the small wire that attaches to the small stud on the starter solenoid housing and energizes the starter solenoid within the starter.   The starter solenoid does 2 things almost simultaneously.  Its core moves within a cylinder and engages the small starter gear to the flywheel gear and at the same time slams a copper disc to the heads of the 2 copper studs in the solenoid housing and that turns on the starter as it  connects the 2 studs together electrically.  
Commonly after years of use the heads of those studs become worn in such a way that it is possible for the disc to become stuck in the "starter on" configuration.   Another possibility is that the relay on the firewall (or inner fender) has a similar malfunction and it's contacts become "glued" together.
One more thing I've experienced through personal carelessness----------when working on the starter it's possible to reassemble it in such a way that a soldered connection can come in contact with another conductor and keep the starter energized once turned on, but that is not likely to develop as a problem as the starter ages-----it's usually immediate upon reassembly.
----------Marshall Goodknight

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Subject: [Chrysler300] starter fails to disengage
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Went out to start my 64 K and starter will not disengage! Needed to disconnect the battery to stop it. Any ideas?





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