Re: [Chrysler300] 300C Brake update
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Re: [Chrysler300] 300C Brake update

I’m quite familiar with Murphys law, I encounters him almost every day.
I will visit my C today, and bring a camera, take photos, and try to figure out whats wrong.
300c in Norway
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It would be helpful to have digital photographs of the right way and wrong way of assembly for posting in Bob Merritt’s corner.  Remember, Murphy was an optimist:           

Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA

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It might be assembled wrong . It is possible to put the flat spring between the plates on the wrong side of the cam . Then nothing works right . That was the case on a car i had . There is no view of that flat piece in place in the service data

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As some of you with good memory  remember, I have  a brake issue with my C.  Some how the brakeshoes was the problem, not the MC. The shoes did not move as they should. They were loose, but not loose enough. So they did not return after the pedal was released.

Now, the right side is OK, but when trying to do the same on the left side, one of the brakeshoes gets in interference with the spring link (where the shoespring is attached to supportplate) Some how the springlink is resting at the brakeshoe. The spring pulls the springlink towards the brakeshoe, and moves the shoe against the drum. This happends inside the supportplate. Maybe the springlink has developed  a wrong shape, because If I turns the adjustingcam the wrong way, the spring looses it’s tension, and fell of. This happens only on the rearfacing shoe, on the left front wheel. I can even manage to remove this springlink, from the supportplate. I can not determine if the link is misshaped or broken.

I will investigate this further.


300C in Norway


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