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Re: [Chrysler300] 300 G road trip

Here's the ink Larry's mentioning -

When the LeMay The Drive Home caravan made it to Illinois, I cruised a couple hours down to Bloomington, IL in the F to meet up with them on January 4. The F had a bit of an electrical issue on the way home, when I think my regulator went out, but thankfully made it home. Then met up with the LeMay troupe in Schaumburg, IL on January 6, but the 300 was dead in my garage, so had to take my '64 1/2 Mustang convertible - a couple photos of it in the "Day 11" Shell Station morning gathering in this link (red w/white top). Mark Obermann also came over and met us there. Since I'm always cruising in the F, the Ford rarely gets driven!  I also met them at a private reception on January 5 in Chicago, hosted by Hagerty. In their presentation of their cars at a new classic car garage, they made mention of how they enjoyed seeing the F in Bloomington. They also mentioned visiting with Jack Boyle in K.C. and hearing about his long 46-year relationship with his C300.
I see that they've ferried the Nomad and Mustang back west to the museum, and left the G behind in Michigan. In visiting with Bill Hall, who drove the G most of the trip from Tacoma, he mentioned the plan was to leave one of the cars behind to appear at Woodward this coming August. So it looks like this G will be on display in Detroit this summer!
If you do Facebook, Lemay's site has more photos and videos of these cars on their 2400 mile trek east.
Noel Hastalis
F coupe
Burr Ridge, IL

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Checkout HMN.COM/The DriveHome       on a computer near you.  Three guys drove Lemay's 300G and two others from Tacoma to Detroit during the winter.  All three cars were museum pieces juiced up for the drive.  The others were a 57 Nomad and a 66 Mustang.  The G went all 2400 miles without using any oil and got 14.5 mpg.  Nothing broke and needed replacing.

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