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RE: [Chrysler300] 300H Fuel pumps

Hi Jerry,

A purchased a CD from the 300 Club, Inc “Restoring a Letter Series 300” by Merle Wolfer. Merle lists 300 Parts Suppliers that he used in restoring his 1958 300D. He lists 30 parts suppliers.

Under Fuel Pump Rebuilding – Terrill Machine Inc., 100 Country Road 454, De Leon, TX 76444,  Phone # 254-893-2610.



The CD is  88 pages when printed, which I had Office Depot print it in color. The cost of the CD was $12.00.

The contents of the CD has 19 Chapters, an index, suppliers and Ross Roy Specs.


I have not replaced or rebuilt the fuel pump on our 1957 300C for many years. So far no leaks.

When we purchased our 1970 300 Convertible in California in 1986, my cousin had it towed to his home and was unable to get it to run.  After about  five months I traveled to California to determined what was wrong with the car. My cousin had a new battery in it etc. Since it would not run, our son said  do you mind if I check the oil. I was surprised to find that there was fluid all the way up the dip stick.  I got a new fuel pump and had to change the oil and filter twice before I could get the oil light to turn off and cleaned the spark plugs twice before it would run smoothly. Also had to replace the carburetor needle valve since the carb was flooding.

The original owner which I never met, told my cousin that the car no longer would run. The car was at my cousins home for about six months and the gas would have slowly drained into the crank case through a ruptured fuel pump diaphragm as well at the owner’s residence. Lucky for me here was no engine damage as a result of the gas in the oil. We were able to drive it to Portland Oregon with no problems except for a broken belts in one of the tires.


John Chesnutt



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I have a leaking fuel pump on my 62’ 300 w/413 engine. I see kits to rebuilt them and am asking if that is a good way to go or simply replace the fuel pump all together.


Over the years I have been able to come into contact with several Carter fuel pumps. On my “H” it says model “ 1055”. I have several others that have a different model no:, but appear to be identical.

Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

Would one from Jegs' or Summit be okay?


Jerry Lindsay


Posted by: "John L. Chesnutt" <chesnutt@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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