RE: [Chrysler300] 62 Power steering pump bracket
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RE: [Chrysler300] 62 Power steering pump bracket

FYI, We made a kit/ modification  with an Allen shoulder bolt to fix aggravation this long ago .That rubber is maybe OK, (original , and –it has a bad original problem,  too!) ---- if you look down on pump it wears the long bolt,   bolt holes go oversize in parts due to constant motion and vibration, then the pump shaft angles. . What that was for , I think , was a way to put pump on and not have to manually set or tighten belt on assy line ..; direction of pump pull on belt , self tightens belt with loads…Very bad idea for wear reason given. Pump mount holes / bracket holes wear bigger. . Pump main shaft ends up at an obvious angle to crank and engine  , crooked pulley too. Looks like belt will come off and wears belt in a bad way , shafts have to be parallel on V belt drives. The lesson of unintended consequences….or, ---if it works , leave it alone.


Why is your PS pump angled? “came like that”


As holes are now worn oversize , we found a long shoulder bolt (precise larger smooth OD ,as it is / will be the bearing too,  for adjusting the belt, keeping things square) , ---and some washers to set length and clamp action. ; throw away rubber, drill / ream holes up to good fit on shoulder bolt , you can clamp whole thing by tightening nut, or let it act like before(unneeded) . Like alternator swivel side . Could probably mock up with threaded rod , regular bolt etc but do not like using thread for location, why the (oversize) shoulder bolt, locates both ends keeps it square forever. . .We may also have put a tubing spacer  in there for clamp force  If you just do front, when you tighten it the back can move with belt pull, and tilts as you tighten belt . No more bouncing around pump either (GM stuff, like no valve guides, who needs those? Just drill a hole in the cast iron) .


Do not have details handy, might be way back in archives.


Maybe do the kit again..




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For 30 years I have cut a 2 inch piece of heater hose and smooshed it down the crack in a dozen cars.


Larry Jett        For Lent, I decided to quit all my bad habits........but then remembered no one likes a quitter.








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yes, that is available from Gary Goers.

Part number 255.

$3.10/ea in catalog #10, may be higher now.

I know he had an increase, I don't know how much

so I over pay and he refunds, all is fair.



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There is a rubber bumper located between the two parts of this bracket.
Does anyone know if they are available and if so where?
Thanks you,
Mike Moore



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