RE: [Chrysler300] 300-F Anti-stall Dash Pot Vacuum
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RE: [Chrysler300] 300-F Anti-stall Dash Pot Vacuum

As mentioned earlier same part but different physical mount is on late 60’s 440 4 speed B body.( they stall if you hit gas and the lift throttle, change mind, prevents a “flooding out stall”..say when pulling into traffic!) ; might be specs there. I think Van’s or year one reproducing it.


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Hi Allan and Gloria and Group

Because my junked 300F was under a blue (rotting PVC) cover and open hood for many years, the anti-stall dash pot unit has completely frozen like the water pump and the engine itself. The only cranking parts are the power steering pump (builds up pressure), the alternator (bearing noise) and the visco clutch fan.
Sooner or later I assume I need a replacement anti-stall dash pot unit.

Kind regards


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[Chrysler300] 300-F Anti-stall Dash Pot Vacuum


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We would very much like to hear what you other cross ram folks have working in your cars.


Does it normally take 20 inches to even begin to move that dash pot finger and even more to do the job that it is supposed to do (assuming it is adjusted correctly)?


Some engines don't even have that much vacuum???


Thanks for any experiences on this subject.


Allan & Gloria









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