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Re: [Chrysler300] Waldron Exhaust on 300F

For my Letter actually I didn't purchase a new exhaust system. But I need one more later than sooner and my eyes catched the Waldrons Antique Exhaust as well. I bought a system out of mild steel with Impostor mufflers for my 56 New Yorker (The Beast). It works great and sounds good. At one muffler it shows signs of a slight leakage at the intake tube. But I do not care about it...
I wouldn't ever buy a stainless steel exhaust system anymore because I mounted a self fabricated exhaust system /w Flowmaster mufflers for my truck (1962 Dodge Power Wagon). But it sounded ways different due to the characteristic of the stainless steel.

If I'm at the stage to mount the exhaust system on my junked 300F for sure I gonna purchase the Waldrons Antique Exhaust System as addressed by Nick.


On 20.03.2016 17:44, nick@xxxxxxxx [Chrysler300] wrote:

Anyone used the exhaust system kit for the 300F from Waldron's? Did you go aluminized or stainless? Anyone bought their reproduction hangers?

On my car the front part of the exhaust was replaced when the engine was redone but the back half is the original exhaust pipes with glasspacks. The hangers need work and I'm missing at least one part of a hanger. Need to see if I have the hangers from the car I parted out. I also have a good shop that can probably just fab it up but it might cost as much as buying the whole kit.

Aluminzed - 1960-61 Chrysler 300 w Ram Induction Dual All Aluminized Steel [3060610200] - $620.00 : Waldron Exhaust, Complete Custom Exhaust Systems


Stainless - 1960-61 Chrysler 300 w Ram Induction Dual All Stainless [3060610211] - $1,030.00 : Waldron Exhaust, Complete Custom Exhaust Systems


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Posted by: Dieter Isler 8496 <dieter8496@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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