Re: [Chrysler300] Fuel gauge problem
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Re: [Chrysler300] Fuel gauge problem

Good Evening,
The rusty crusty C also emerged from off season slumber today. I checked the fluids and put the battery back in. On the third priming shot, it was running smooth on fast idle. Down 1/2 quart of trans fluid. This is on the original trans that I haven’t even dropped the pan yet. Went right into gear, and the brake pedal is still nice and high. I didn’t drive it because it’s still boxed in by the J, and the Winter wheels are still on it. I did move it back and forth with no brake sticking.  All gages and lights working properly, and no rodents went flying out the exhaust. It will  be for sale once I get it out of it’s spot and cleaned up.
I doubt the float is bad on your new sending unit. I would put the rebuilt original in anyway, as the aftermarket ones are always inaccurate. As someone else mentioned, ground the wire to the sender and turn on the key. The gage should go to full. If that fails, check that connector to the fuel sender under the dash.
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Subject: [Chrysler300] Fuel gauge problem

Good Morning,

The L emerged from winter storage flawlessly.  It started, moved, turned, and stopped at my command.  (It did a lot better than many people—but I digress.) 
When it went down for the winter there was gas in it—probably 7 or 8 gallons, and the fuel gauge registered very low.  When it started this spring the fuel gauge was LTWS  (lower than whale s—t).  First drive was to the gas station to get some puny 91 corn oil laced fuel. I bought 7 gallons, and the fuel gauge went to 1/4 tank. The gas station is about 2 miles north. I went to cruise-in Friday evening, and drove about 7 miles.  the gauge started that trip below 1/4, and I parked at cruise-in “nose tilted up” so gauge would naturally read less.  When I started the car to come home, it read LTWS, and did not improve when I stopped or caused gas to move to the front of the tank.  There are no leaks or drips, and I have a hard time believing I am getting 1 or <1 MPG.
My experience last summer was a full tank registered full, and then it went to zero almost immediately from 1/2.  When I filled it, it often would fill at 12 or 13 gallons—so the zero reading was really about 1/2.
Is my fuel reporting system broken at the sending unit or in the electrics in the dashboard?  Current sending unit is a Van’s purchased unit, 3 years old.  The original unit is rebuilt, and will be installed when there really is very little gas in the tank, but if the problem is up front, then  I better gear up for removing seat and knee panel and instrument panel.
Thanks for your help.
Doug Mayer
Northport, Maine
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