Re: [Chrysler300] moisture buildup on concrete floot
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Re: [Chrysler300] moisture buildup on concrete floot

You can run a dehumidifier in the garage to lower the humidity if the garage is closed up tight and that is what causing the garage to be humid. If the garage is ventilated to keep the inside temperature and outside temperature more even it will prevent condensation by keeping the concrete closer in temperature to the air. Sealing the floor could also help with moisture entering through the slab. Most building codes want poly installed below the slab to prevent moisture coming up through. Not an option at this point.  I have two garages ten feet apart and the one with poly under the slab and the floor sealed never gets damp while the other one does all the time in the summer. 

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now that we a getting into the summer months, any suggestion on how to eliminate moisture buildup on concrete floors due to higher humidity. thanks in advance, jim


Posted by: Michael Falcone <mjf175@xxxxxxx>

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