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RE: [Chrysler300] L fuel sending unit

And drag Ct and NH cars with them…!  That way , we can drive in left lane at 85 as God intended,  in Mass. Or 80 in Maine .


NH ,(old subaru/toyota )  NJ (white lexus) always moves to left lane going 55 as they never drive on their own highways, they have tolls. So whole life on two lanes.


Ct = BMW 3 series,  so afraid of Ct. cops,  55 is it. like Wisconsin.


New country, = Me, Vt , Mass, RI, Maritimes. Wonderful.


Only half kidding…


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Don't true Maine residents want everybody to go to New York and New Jersey anyway?  Anywhere, that is, far from Maine.




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Noel -


Just FYI...there is no 'seaside' in Maine. It's called the 'coast' or 'coastline'. If you're in Maine and ask someone how to get to the seaside, they'll give you directions to New Jersey ! :)



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Hi Doug,

Hope you've finished raking your lawn, and have even driven your L along the seaside a bit, before all the summer tourists descend upon the area!

I just booked a room at the Fireside in Belfast for your WPC Meet. I'll take you up on your offer to pass along your preferred route, once we get to eastern Upstate NY!


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Good Friday morning to all and sundry,


First, to everyone who responded to the L fuel gauge question, I appreciate the time and thoughtfulness of your responses.  Thank you.


This morning we did the full gauge test with the ground wire, and sure enough the ground wire made the dash gauge read full.


We then installed the rebuilt original fuel gauge, and it read empty.  We concluded that it was empty—I had driven 60 miles since I put in 6 gallons of 91 octane.


Taking a chance, I then drove to my place of employment (Hamilton Marine) in Searsport—another 6 miles, and put in 12 gallons of 93 octane.

I digress here—the only high octane gas around here until now has been 91; this morning I discovered that the Sunoco in Searsport sells 93, and I was some excited to put in 12.3 gallons.


Well- don’t you know—the gauge went to 1/2, just about right.  Well the old gauge used to do that too, immediately upon filling.  Then it would report noticeably less fuel at each restart, even if it was only 3 miles and 8 minutes since the initial start.  Today I drove 5 miles and 15  minutes later the gauge still read 1/2. So, I am also grateful to JC Auto, who rebuilt the original gauge.


Now I’d go for a drive, but I must finish raking the lawn before it rains this afternoon.

Again, thanks for your help.



Doug Mayer

Northport, Maine

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